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How does PrivateStorage work?
Last Updated 11 months ago

After you download our software, our application then connects to the storage servers on the PrivateStorage-cloud. When you add a folder, PrivateStorage will automatically encrypt that folder, Sharding it into multiple pieces, then spread those pieces out among multiple servers called the PrivateStorage-cloud. These pieces are fractions of the ciphertext (encrypted data) and therefore protected against viewing and modifications.

Later, when you request to retrieve the folder through the PrivateStorage application, it will find the required pieces, verify their integrity, reassemble them, and decrypt the result back into the original data.

When you add a folder to the PrivateStorage application, it will create more pieces than necessary in order to add redundant copies to multiple servers to prevent data loss due to server failure. All user stored data is encrypted using a unique key, called a capability, before sharding the ciphertext and uploading it. This means that we cannot read your data, even if we wanted to (which we don’t). The only thing you ask of the PrivateStorage-cloud servers is that they can provide the pieces of ciphertext when you ask for them: you aren’t relying upon them for confidentiality, integrity, or absolute availability

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