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What is a Recovery Key?
Last Updated 11 months ago

To understand the use of a recovery key first you must understand that PrivateStorage is designed to eliminate the need to store any identifiable user information, including username and passwords. While this makes your stored information more private, it creates a unique challenge, namely, “how do we allow a user to access only their stored information on our grid?” 

We answer this using a Recovery Key. A Recovery Key is a brief text file that contains only enough information to allow you to regain a connection to the storage grid and access any previously stored folders. 

PrivateStorage uses Recovery keys as the main backup mechanism for you, the user. After you store the desired folders on our storage grid, the stored data is unaffected by the original device. That means if your computer fails or is destroyed, you can import the recovery key into the PrivateStorage application on a supported device, and restore access to the previously stored folders.

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