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What is a PrivateStorage Credit?
Last Updated 11 months ago

The PrivateStorage Credit (PSC’s) is an anonymous token that allows our users to pay for our service, while keeping your stored information completely anonymous. Through the use of the PrivateStorage credit, our service allows you to only pay for usage that you will need over any selected period of time.

When you purchase PrivateStorage Credits through our website, the information provided to purchase our Credits is not viewed or retained by us. All that is sent to PrivateStorage pertaining to the transaction is the amount and type of currency used to pay, and the voucher code and a stripe token representing your successful purchase.

It is important that we do our best to prevent payment fraud because PSC's cannot be revoked after issuance. We send credit card information to Stripe for payment processing in order to prevent such fraud. To put it simply, we do not see your credit card information. 

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