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Security By Design
Last Updated 9 months ago

For the majority of cloud storage programs, you have to trust that the provider does their best to maintain the highest level of security, and will not use your data for nefarious ends. What “security” truly means, in this case, is that you give some companies the power to read and modify your data, with little oversight and control on your part.

Time and again we are reminded that keeping the old storage methods secure 100% of the time, is impossible. Misconfigurations, Bugs, or even human error can expose or corrupt your data. Criminals frequently gain illicit access to corporate cloud servers. Even more insidious is the fact that the employees themselves sometimes violate customer privacy out of carelessness, avarice, or mere curiosity. The most conscientious of these service providers spend considerable effort and expense trying to mitigate these risks.

What PrivateStorage means by “security” is something different. PrivateStorage never has the ability to read or modify your data in the first place: NEVER! If you use PrivateStorage then all of the threats described above will not be an issue. This makes it easier for us to maintain the security of your data. This is what we call Security by Design.

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