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Why use invite codes over other account Identifiers? (email address, username, etc.)
Last Updated 11 months ago

Since invite codes are short, human-pronounceable, and comprised from a known list of phonetically distinct words, they are generally easier to remember, communicate, and type than other forms of credentials (e.g., username/password combinations with specific requirements for length or complexity). The use of invite codes helps to drastically reduce the chances of user-error and subsequent frustration from making typos, forgetting one's password and the headaches that follow.

In addition to increased usability, because invite codes can only be used a single time before expiring, their usage helps to protect against certain classes of all-too-common attacks: when credentials are delivered over email, for example, your email provider necessarily gains access to that information (as does anybody else who might access your email account later on). By using invite codes to receive or exchange credentials in a more direct fashion, any such third parties are naturally excluded from knowing the content – or even the existence – of the information being exchanged.

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